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  • Do I have to register my hands when I become a black belt?
    No, that is an urban myth. Martial Artists are not required to register their hands.
  • Do I have to be in good shape before I start?
    No, you will get into shape as you train. We have a series of exercises that you will learn as you progress through the ranking system which will enable you to perform the self defense techniques.
  • I am 31 years old, am I too old to start martial arts?"
    No, you are not too old to begin martial arts training. Karate regularly has students start from adolecense through their 50's and older. Karate is a practical and effective martial art that does not incorporate gymnastics.
  • What is the difference between Karate and Judo?
    Karate and Judo are martial arts of Japanese origin. Both have distinct characteristics. While Judo is mainly involving body maneuvers against an opponent, karate can be termed as a martial art where blows are landed on an opponent’s body.
  • I am very busy with my work schedule, how much time do I need to devote to karate classes?"
    You can devote as much time as you want to karate but the more you practice the better you will get.
  • How long does it take to get a black belt?
    Every student is different and it depends on the amount of time you want to dedicate to your training.
  • What days and times do you do?
    Click here to see all available classes
  • What Equipment do i need?
    You don't need any equipment, just wear tracksuit bottoms and a loose top. Once you are sure karate is for you then you will be required to buy a traditional karate uniform (GI).
  • What is the cost?
    We will go through this in more detail when you attend your first lesson. Lessons are pay as you train £8.00 an Hr After a bout 2 weeks you will need to purchase a licence (WUKF) £35 annually
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