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Threat, Risk, Act to Protect

As a karate instructor I'm always being asked to run self defence lessons and my answer is always the same. You can not teach self-defence in one lesson. A number of self-defence courses are run over a few hours or days for about 1 hour per session, while others are offered as a long term class lasting for a few months.

First off, when your body is acting on instinct, you absolutely will not remember what strike you’re supposed to utilise in what scenario. It takes years and years of repetition to confidently be able to keep your cool in a physical altercation and then it doesn't always go to plan.

So what can you do?

We have devised this Personal Protection Class. We run this as part of our induction to karate in your first week.

We have also run this as classes for groups like the Scouts, Dance schools and Local youth service groups.

If you have a group of individuals who would like a Personal Protection Class then please get in touch and we can arrange a class.

Below is more detail on what these classes entail 


Threat, Risk Act to Protection

In this day and age you can never be sure if you are going to end up in a situation where you are going to need to protect yourself. The idea of TRAP is to help you understand the Threats around you, how to reduce the Risk and if the unthinkable happens how to take Action to Protect yourself. As part of your induction to Kyodai we teach TRAP.

  • TRAP courses explain what types of threats are around in your every day life and how you can make small changes to identify and understand these threats.

  • The second stage is once you identify a threat what can you do to eliminate or reduce the risk of the threat.

  • The final stage covers what to do or what not to do if the risk escalates into a confrontation.

If you are interested in taking part in a TRAP lesson or for us to arrange a TRAP course for a group please get in touch. 

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